It was back in 2010 when in Brezza, a charming small town in Southern Italy, Anna Orlando officially set up “Panificio Fratelli Rossetti Srl”,as the development of an ancient firewood family bakery, bound to become a real blend of traditional and innovative breadmaking laboratory.

Anna’s most precious memories were: fascinating bundles of wood from a nearby grove… carefully measured ingredients…the bread handkneading on a coarse worktop… and countless nights checking if the loaves were being baked properly. Her young children, warmly wrapped in blankets, used to go to school only after waiting with her for the right time to churn out.


Via Sant’Andrea, 69 – Brezza


+39 3204558034


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How powerful the magic of breadmaking can be! Imagine poking the sleepy fire under the ashes, won over by the dancing flames, in hazelnut smelling embers ... while bread dough is turning into life. Food is culture! Indeed, it is knowledge, traditions, values and beliefs from the past. When people are eating together, sitting around a table, their food always means cohesion and bread is crowned king of all dishes.

A little bread - a crust - a crumb - a little trust - a demijohn - can keep the soul alive. Not portly, mind! but breathing - warm - conscious - as old Napoleon, the night before the Crown!

Imprinted in Rossetti brothers’ hearts, remembrances from the past have become our own outstanding firm, today renowned in Campania and all over Italy, as it carries out daily deliveries on large scale. Since the first experiments the bakery has been seeking for the best blends of flour and flavourings, encouraged by so many people appreciating our products. Every day our Bakery, il  "Panificio Rossetti" produces excellent  gold-coloured bread, intensely smelling delicacy and exquisiteness from our childhood, as in the past. If you could walk early in the morning through Campania’s breathtaking land, where Rossetti Bakery is located, you could probably attend the ancient ritual of serving home-made, crunchy, warm bread just out of the oven, prepared with Mamma Anna's same love and original recipe of long ago, which might remind you of hazelnut wood and wonders.

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