Why Italian bread is increasingly more cherished abroad

Crescono le esportazioni nei primi 8 mesi del 2020. I fattori chiave che guidano la crescita del pane italiano nel mercato globale del pane sono basati sull’attenzione alle materie prime, ai processi produttivi e all’ampia selezione

These good performances – says Fabio Lunati from Nomisma – may be related to how much foreign consumers appreciate the quality of the production cycle of Italian bread, right from the choice of raw materials.” Looking at the offer of the companies, in fact, the use of extra virgin olive oil emerges: a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet, which has always been associated with well-being. Moreover, the use of sourdough and long fermentation is growing, as well as breads with excellent organoleptic and sensory characteristics.


All this without forgetting a wide offer. In terms of taste variations, this ranges from multigrain, whole grain products or bakery with special flours and ancient grains, to breads enriched with fiber or with reduced salt content. Producers are therefore increasingly moving towards soft-wellness: products with health connotations, but able to combine wellness and sensory satisfaction.

There are also many kinds of products available on the market. From the classic boxed bread, practical and versatile, to products combining service and gratification such as bread for sandwiches, sandwiches and piadinas, which have experienced significant growth as they allow to recreate at home the pleasure of an out-of-home meal.